206 bones in the human body ,nike free run 2 pas cher accounting for 52 feet . Movement organs of the foot is more bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels and nerves thereof. Chinese medicine believes that bringing together the six feet of acupuncture meridians , as many as 66 points . And a reaction points connected with the internal organs , so that " the root of the human foot is a " high-rise buildings like the footings , foundation of the Great Wall . It not only supports the body weight of the human body , but also for walking , jumping and other activities. 80% of a person's life are required awake time with their feet , so the foot has been foreign scholars as the " second heart ."
Nature created all things seek a harmonious ecological balance of 200 million years ago, humans rely on your feet to explore and survive, human feet is soft mud or grass and design, then with the development of human derived a variety of foot lesions, such as: corns and calluses , are due to improper shoes , leaving the feet caused by unreasonable force is a part of civilization diseases .
The development of human beings, in order to meet the aesthetic needs of individuals and the national character , and to create a wide variety of clothing , shoes, hats , jewelry and so on. Such as: women 's corset bodice European court , the ancient Chinese woman with bound feet , heels and so popular around the world
Not long ago , our feet are healthy , strong . And now what ?
Only barefoot in order to better enable the healthy development of the foot , particularly the baby's delicate yet molded feet !
Barefoot movement to better promote the healthy development of children's physical
First, the barefoot movement can exercise the arch . There are two human foot slingshot ( ie, longitudinal arch and transverse arch ) , barefoot children at the time of exercise, plantar ligaments and tendons are fully movement, the arch of the foot can be given enough stretch to ensure the full upright when young children bottom support stability , cushioning and shock protection foot blood vessels and nerves , which is conducive to the normal development of spinal curvature .
Secondly, the barefoot movement can promote blood circulation. Barefoot children at the time of exercise, directly stimulate the foot of the blood vessels, promote blood flow in peripheral vascular foot , flexing the calf muscles to increase children 's activity, in favor of venous reflux , the contractile force of the heart to strengthen and accelerate muscle group metabolism, promote children's physical development.
Again, barefoot exercise can prevent disease. Modern medical research has proved that barefoot exercise on the prevention, prevention flatfoot , indigestion, enuresis , constipation, etc. have a certain effect.
nike blazer pas cher The so-called " barefoot education" is to let the children barefoot in the hallway , playground or indoor jogging , games and activities.
Chinese Kindergarten " barefoot education" has formed the subject . Many kindergartens in Japan are carried out barefoot education. While carrying out barefoot movement at several kindergartens, child flatfoot observed after one year were significantly lower than the control group , indicating that the education of the child barefoot foot arched or beneficial.
Because the barefoot movement , so that the child foot contact with the ground , not only conducive to the development of plantar skin , but also helps to improve the strength of muscles and ligaments of the foot , and promote the formation of arch , reduce and prevent the incidence of flat feet , but can also be excited enough Ministry of peripheral nerves, accelerate blood circulation, improve resistance to disease.